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Client Reviews

Amanda with Spanish Stallion MaestuOver a lifetime I have worked with thousands of students from UK, USA, EUROPE, INDIA , ISRAEL , AUSTRALIA, across the world and so many have offered reviews and case studies which are included with my books.

Here are just a few short snippets below:

So this thing called 'breathing', a simple action that we all unconsciously use every day for our very existence.   You would think that it would be easy to do, but, oh no!

Apparently I have been doing it wrong all my life.  

I tend to be a shallow breather, just taking my breath into my chest, so it took a lot and I mean,  a lot of practice to change,  to take my breath down into my diaphragm. This is all before I even attempted to connect with my horse.

Cazique can be very full of himself and I do occasionally get a bit worried that he will really explode but having the awareness of my breath and also of any tension that I may be holding, gets us through.  

As time goes on, I am exploring new levels of lightness in asking for a particular movement or transition. For a while, we had a real hangup about cantering on the left lead. I put it down to the fact that I find my own rotation to the left much stiffer than my right and also that Cazique is tighter stretching through his tight shoulder and lumber on that side too. 

Now I believe I was asking too strongly, with too much anticipation that it would be difficult. When I realised this, I changed my attitude towards the transition and literally “thought” skip, slightly looking to the outside which automatically bought my inside hip leading, whilst making sure no tension crept into my body and smiled. 

Smiling releases tension in the jaw. If your jaw is tight, so is the rest of your body. The same applies for your horse.  So off we would go into a lovely smooth up hill canter. The same applies in lateral work too. Breathing into the hip that is slightly forward and allowing side to side movement as well as forward and backward,  in unison with Caziques rib cage.

Jennys breath technique has not only helped me understand the horse and his language, but it has helped me in all spheres of life   

Sara McKay Mead

Jenny’s  concept is so simple. To put it simply use your breath and direct your energy to connect with the horse. Easy to say but not easy to understand or do. It has to be felt and when you do feel it, it is so profound, it changes not just your relationship with your horse but it also seems to change you, deep in your core.

It may say strange when I say that you will possibly not notice the change that has taken place but it is obvious to your horse and it is a change they have been waiting for and asking for

I believe it is a change to the energy you give off maybe the frequency or resonance changes, this is something that your horse notices he understands this,  but we have forgotten this and lost our awareness of it.

The breath

Your breath can be so light it barely lifts a feather off the ground or it can be so strong it can blow out a birthday cake full of candles. How many of us think about or breath, yet we all do it without thinking, we even do it in our sleep and without it there is no life

So how do you breathe? Where do you breathe? Do you fill your lungs, or just your upper chest, stop and observe how you breathe

The breath can slow or increase the pace of a horse; it can cause calm or energy and even excitement and yes tension. You can initiate a halt or change of gait. With just your breath you can ask for so much

So how do you start? With Jenny you work through the top to toe exercise, releasing tension, allowing your body to breathe and move and to begin to feel your energy outing your body into alignment and balance

Amanda Strauch

Finally, through a lovely friend, I found out about Jenny, so I join her workshops.  She taught me about breathing and “top to toe” techniques, which was like a magic wand for my relaxation!  I also went through her books and videos.

My confidence improved which made for a good new start. After visiting Jenny I started to work with my horse who had some confidence problems as he was a  lazy sort of horse, but in a split second he could leap across the diagonal of the arena unseating his rider on the way.

I worked with him from the ground and under the saddle using breathing techniques and teaching him how to relax.  He was releasing tension, even when something happened which was super skin peeling scary. The first days I was stressed even when driving to see my horse as I still had my confidence problem that I was seriously not good enough.

We started from working at liberty where he could express himself and we could also go together to the scary corner. Even in hand he was a bit scary as he could simply jump in panic towards you so it took a huge amount of trust between us.   The ridden work we did step by step, getting closer and closer to scary places later on adding some more scary stuff on the arena like balloons, shiny foils or even an umbrella!

It was a really interesting journey for both of us. We had to trust each other and forgive our mistakes. After two months he became a great and confident partner without even thinking of any silly ideas to jump. Nobody could believe that this was the same horse.


I could watch Red with Jenny  for hours  showing their BREATH ENERGY CONNECTION.

I must say after a peek at the new teaching recordings I'm like a girl with chocolate...  just can't stop until I'm all done.

Well.... all I can say is you will not be disappointed.

II must say after a peek at the new teaching recordings I'm like a girl with chocolate...  just can't stop until I'm all done.

I was glued to them, so much more to offer ourselves in our relationships with horses, they respond so naturally ... so well to the breath.

What strikes me the most about Jenny's way to BREATH ENERGY... through the Great DELFIN’S teachings is this!  

Just think .... we can express our emotion...  our intent in a way that is A NATURAL LANGUAGE  to the HORSE.....

Just watch the interaction between two horses... it's all about shared breath and energy, through that breath.  Horses can read from your breath how you feel... whether you’re fully in the moment, whether you wish to dance, flow with them or fight in stiffness.  Nothing can be hidden there are no ways to lie with your breathing.


Our breakthrough came after adopting Jenny’s techniques!

Fine-tuning into Pacco, by becoming aware of our breathing, allowed me to focus my energy and stay ‘in the moment’, striving to become a reassuring presence for my horse both from the ground and in the saddle. Gradually, I was able to establish a new way of communicating with him which made our riding sessions effortless and most importantly, stress-free. It took time and patience.

I figured that I needed to match his energy by improving my balance, posture, breathing as a way to compensate being at a desk most of the week.

This is the reason Jenny’s teachings on body awareness resonated with me a great deal as I grew up with a background in classical ballet. My mother was a professional dancer and taught me the importance of paying attention to physical fitness, posture breathing and balance.


You are one of my favorite horse trainers of all times!  

I love your breath work intention and energy! 

I share your ideas with My Horse Friends love your books I have several, and video. Thank you so much you have had a positive impact on my relationship with my horse Liam and sunshine here in Maine USA.


It was an amazing day today!

An early start, I arrived three hours later with great excitement. I feel I learn more and more about this phenomenal BREATH ENERGY CONNECTION...

Today Habil was soft and welcoming to me... this beautiful silk Stallion is capable of so much more than I'm used to seeing just on breath, as he springs into joyous Spanish walk and Passage.

This master of  dressage and teacher of breath energy.  I had to gather my self and calming my breathing,  remember all the words Jenny had imparted on me... breath with his rhythm and not to resist it with mine.

What an amazing feeling my first time on a Master and he gave everything as soon as I could become in tune with him.   Relax with him... Jenny helped me ease in relaxing my jaw,  my shoulders  and my rib cage remembering to not hold the breath but keep in rhythm with his.  This a moment I shall never forget. Silken luxury ...movements I'd never felt before.



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