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About Jenny Rolfe

Jenny has been passionate about horses since childhood, spending much time observing herds of native ponies, learning about their nature and ways. Over years she developed a love for dressage, however, the methods taught seemed to be a lifetime away from the connection she felt with the ponies, as a child.

Jenny has gathered many diverse experiences during her life which have helped to formulate her unique concepts in training. Her artistic development was initially through her equestrian paintings but is now a fundamental approach to her riding. Years spent nursing and as a foster parent, caring for children with challenging behavioural problems has helped Jenny to gain the awareness needed to evaluate responses of both horses and students.

Jenny believes that neither horse or rider can learn, unless they are calm and receptive. The bond of trust, which was missing in the family relationships of the foster children, is an essential ingredient for training the horse.

Jenny became inspired by the Iberian horses and also the Classical teaching so she travelled to Portugal with her Spanish stallions to train with both the chief instructor of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, Antonio Borba Monteiro and also Classical Mestre Luis Valenca Rodrigues.

These experiences opened doors to fresh dimensions in training and on her return to UK, Jenny continued along a further path of discovery. Her first Spanish stallion, Delfin, proved to be an equine professor and through listening to him, Jenny has learned the amazing power of breathing as a profound connection with the horse. She believes that breathing and subtle changes in energy are the key to learning the language of the herd.

Several years ago Jenny wrote her first book,’ Ride From the Heart’ and also produced a DVD to demonstrate her concepts. The journey continued, as Jenny progressed, both learning with her stallions and teaching students and clients, who come from all over the world to work with her stallions and study her methods.  She then wrote her second book Breathe Life Into Your Riding and we await the publication of the third book in 2018, entitled  'The Spirit and Art of Classical Horsemanship.   

Jenny is dedicated to teaching how loose work can bring both rider and horse together and how ridden work is a connection built through subtle communication of breathing. She has inspired and empowered many riders to take a new path which brings a closer relationship with the horse and new dimension to riding.

Over years, Jenny has written articles for ‘British Dressage’ magazine, ‘ Horses For Life’ and ‘Dressage Today’ in USA. She has been featured in ‘YOUR HORSE’ and’ HORSE’ magazines and writes regularly for several publications.

Throughout her life, Jenny has a deep spiritual faith which has guided her on her journey and been revealed through the gift of insights, received from her horses.


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