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Welcome to Naturally Classical

Breath Energy and the Bitless Bridle

WELCOME to my web site and also to CLUB NATURALLY CLASSICAL

CLUB NATURALLY CLASSICAL - Transform your relationship with your horse – through breath-heart-energy awareness within a programme of Classical Training.


This will become YOUR club - where I will show our horses and training here and also my students - to help you understand more about breath- heart -energy and its convincing power to transform - within Classical Training- as revealed to me, by my iconic Spanish stallion DELFIN---
From the ground this depth of awareness offers herd language communication between human and horse. For the rider it offers more synchrony in balance and movement-  the ability to teach the horse to listen- to harmonize with your breathing -- no more strong aids!! - no gadgets- only  more relaxed and empathic riding , built upon a true foundation of mutual love fun and trust---


Below is my short bio --

Jenny has been passionate about horses since childhood, spending much time interacting with the herds of native ponies, learning about their nature and ways. Over years she developed a love for dressage, however, the methods taught seemed to be a lifetime away from the connection she felt with the ponies, as a child.

Inspired by the Classical teaching in Lisbon with both the Chief instructor of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, Antonio Borba Monteiro and also Classical Mestre Luis Valenca Rodrigues, Jenny returned to UK to continue her path of learning with her Spanish stallion DELFIN. Over years he became an equine professor and through listening to him, Jenny learned the amazing power of breathing as a profound connection with the horse. She believes that breathing and subtle changes in energy are the key to the language of the herd.

Several years ago Jenny wrote her first book,’ Ride From the Heart’ and also produced a DVD to demonstrate her concepts. The journey continued, as Jenny progressed, both learning with her stallions and teaching students and clients, who come from all over the world to work with her stallions and study her methods.  She then wrote her second book Breathe Life Into Your Riding and we await the publication of the third book in 2018, entitled  'The Spirit and Art of Classical Horsemanship.   

Jenny’s students have travelled from across the world to meet with her stallions and feel the connection of breath-heart-energy.  

Throughout her life, Jenny has a deep spiritual faith which has guided her on her journey and been revealed through the gift of insights, received from her horses.


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