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Jenny’s  concept is so simple. To put it simply use your breath and direct your energy to connect with the horse. Easy to say but not easy to understand or do. It has to be felt and when you do feel it, it is so profound, it changes not just your relationship with your horse but it also seems to change you, deep in your core.

It may say strange when I say that you will possibly not notice the change that has taken place but it is obvious to your horse and it is a change they have been waiting for and asking for

I believe it is a change to the energy you give off maybe the frequency or resonance changes, this is something that your horse notices he understands this,  but we have forgotten this and lost our awareness of it.

The breath

Your breath can be so light it barely lifts a feather off the ground or it can be so strong it can blow out a birthday cake full of candles. How many of us think about or breath, yet we all do it without thinking, we even do it in our sleep and without it there is no life

So how do you breathe? Where do you breathe? Do you fill your lungs, or just your upper chest, stop and observe how you breathe

The breath can slow or increase the pace of a horse; it can cause calm or energy and even excitement and yes tension. You can initiate a halt or change of gait. With just your breath you can ask for so much

So how do you start? With Jenny you work through the top to toe exercise, releasing tension, allowing your body to breathe and move and to begin to feel your energy outing your body into alignment and balance

Amanda Strauch


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