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JOIN For approximately 90 videos - £8 pm (no contract) – LOOSE WORK, LUNGEING, WORK IN HAND and CLASSICAL RIDING


Classical Training

I can now offer Individual Training with your own horse, and I am happy travel around the Dorset area and the south coast.

I have worked with many horses who have suffered abuse and trauma and need more depth of understanding to gain confidence within the relationship. Within all my teaching the importance of the relationship between horse and rider will be paramount.

I can offer highly experienced help with:


You can create a more confident connection with your horse whilst encouraging him to become a more supple balanced athlete. These methods are particularly helpful with horses who have suffered previous physical injury and mental abuse.


Using my "TOP TO TOE" ground work exercises to encourage natural posture and balance, supported by you deeper core breathing and awareness.

Tension can create a dam of blocked energy and I can help you to discover much more about personal awareness which will be mirrored by your horse. Your riding balance and confidence can be transformed as you find where you hold on to tension and learn more about lightness and relaxed posture in your riding.


progress along a path of Classical exercises to help your horse. Each horse is an individual needing a range of exercises to support his progress as an athlete. Understand much more about the purpose of each exercise as you advance within your training.

Learn so much more about the mind of your horse and learn how to communicate with his thoughts to keep your fun joy and trust within your training

For further information and prices please contact us HERE...


Online Workshops, Video and More...

Become a member of the Naturally Classical online community to enjoy regularly updated online workshops, videos as well as hints and tips from Jenny Rolfe on developing your own Breath, Heart Energy techniques for your riding.

Flexible monthly membership

Monthly membership offers a flexible way to enjoy regularly updated content by Jenny Rolfe.

Join as a monthly member with a recurring monthly subscription.

Duration: Monthly (cancel anytime)

Price: £8

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