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Fran and Cody - Patient Learning

Here I talk to Fran about believing that we can achieve connection- from a distance- with breath-heart-energy connection.  It does take time and self belief to communicate in this way. This is part of natural herd language   and for us, as humans- it is our heart language- allowing- feeling lightness- fun and inner freedom. 

If Cody does not react to Fran's 'Ask's'  -  it is important that Fran shows no frustration- its like a game-  where there is no room for negative emotions-  Cody has felt too much of these emotions in his life.   It is so good for Fran - and for all of us- to learn  to wait-  to listen- to become thoughtful of how we ask rather than allow our frustrations to spill over--

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Cody Patient Learning


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