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Balance in Ridden Work

Here I just want to talk about body balance and how we need to focus on being centred through our hips- core-and centred upper body alignment.  If we twist and turn by levering with our arms or if we become too  tight in our arms we can lose the flexibility through our centred body.

  I show  how to release and flow from the inside hip and leg-  I over COOK  it---  in other words I OVER ride to try and demonstrate how you can use your core. 

 As the inside hind leg comes through, encourage this step to engage with a soft inside hip- this allows the circle to continue in good self carriage and balance.  You can breathe into the inside hip which helps the release.

Watch the horse move  - Hips and shoulders swing from one side to the other- our hips need to allow the same flexibility ( as if you are walking on the ground- try this- swing your hips and feel the motion through your spine and allow this through your shoulders.)

This clip shows the circle BUT also every lateral step has an ebb and flow - the hind leg comes through then there is a point where balance changes- you have stability- then mobility-   the tranference of energy and balance - the bringing together of energy followed by energy release . 

This is where you can tune in with breathing to assist the ebb and flow--- 

Much much more to come next year from Portugal- we have new horses- new students- new discoveries through our training. We will bring to you new experiences- problems and how we work with new responses and different horses- we will look at all levels of training- but ensuring the basics are well understood.

 When we can gain calm responses in balance , with suppleness and lightness  then we are well on the way to introducing new movements.  The lateral exercises in walk can then be performed in trot and canter-  forming the balance for the half pass,  pirouettes, flying changes so looking forward to you joining with us on our journey in Portugal best wishes Jennyx

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Balance in ridden work


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