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Charlie and Auntie - Riding Progression

Here you can see Charlie riding Auntie and trying to trust his breathing rather than a stronger contact on the reins.  I ask Charlie to use his centre to turn her- by making small turns with his core and upper body he will be telling Auntie in a balanced way- the direction to turn. As a rider it we focus on turning from our arms- we tend to block our main trunk, core and balance which only gives mixed aids to the horse. 

You may notice how connected Auntie is to me- she likes to come right over to see me and I have ask Charlie to take charge!!!! and place her in the direction He would like her to go.

  You will notice Charlie relaxing into this new way of riding- not at first but you can see his progress in quite a short time. This relaxed connection is great for Charlie and very good for Auntie too as it builds mutual confidence-- I enjoyed this work very much-  thanks to Charlie!!

Click the image below to play the video...

Charlie and Auntie - riding progression


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