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Within Eastern culture, controlled energy is known as ‘Chi’ energy which can be used as a vehicle for healing and also within the martial arts. In China there is an old saying ‘Where the mind goes, the ‘chi’ will follow’. This energy of ‘chi’ can have a huge impact on our relationships and often

when we feel ‘on the same wavelength’ with another, it is created by a connection of ‘chi’. Chi energy can be used to enhance healing normally through a state of meditation allowing the healing energy to flow through the hands and finger tips. It is good to remember these possibilities as we caress the neck of the horse to help him to calm and release tension. If we are capable of healing and giving out therapeutic energy, the horse will immediately receive this and it can become part of our day to day relationship with him. This type of energy awareness will help to build a very deep bond of security and connection. We can use the power of a gentle touch to settle a horse who has suffered either physically or mentally. Once we make a decision to take time out to focus on our breathing we become empowered to create an environment where we can flourish mentally, physically and spiritually. This decision will detach us from the pull of past events and the concern for the future. We can become aware of the present moment and how we feel physically as we re-connect with our inner spirit. Once we allow ourselves time to connect in this way, we can feel a depth of harmony and oneness with creation. The horse will instantly feel an attraction as we create a place for focus and communication. The connection is similar to a meditation, a communion of souls. The gulf between man and horse is bridged as all our senses are brought into that one moment in time. The horse feels our complete focus and energy as our true personality can flourish. We are not suppressed by concerns for either the past or the future.


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