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Balance in Ridden Work

Here I just want to talk about body balance and how we need to focus on being centred through our hips- core-and centred upper body alignment.  If we twist and turn by levering with our arms or if we become too  tight in our arms we can lose the flexibility through our centred body.

  I show  how to release and flow from the inside hip and leg-  I over COOK  it---  in other words I OVER ride to try and demonstrate how you can use your core. 

 As the inside hind leg comes through, encourage this step to engage with a soft inside hip- this allows the circle to continue in good self carriage and balance.  You can breathe into the inside hip which helps the release.

Watch the horse move  - Hips and shoulders swing from one side to the other- our hips need to allow the same flexibility ( as if you are walking on the ground- try this- swing your hips and feel the motion through your spine and allow this through your shoulders.)

This clip shows the circle BUT also every lateral step has an ebb and flow - the hind leg comes through then there is a point where balance changes- you have stability- then mobility-   the tranference of energy and balance - the bringing together of energy followed by energy release . 

This is where you can tune in with breathing to assist the ebb and flow--- 

Much much more to come next year from Portugal- we have new horses- new students- new discoveries through our training. We will bring to you new experiences- problems and how we work with new responses and different horses- we will look at all levels of training- but ensuring the basics are well understood.

 When we can gain calm responses in balance , with suppleness and lightness  then we are well on the way to introducing new movements.  The lateral exercises in walk can then be performed in trot and canter-  forming the balance for the half pass,  pirouettes, flying changes so looking forward to you joining with us on our journey in Portugal best wishes Jennyx

Click the image below to play the video...

Balance in ridden work

Charlie and Auntie - Riding Progression

Here you can see Charlie riding Auntie and trying to trust his breathing rather than a stronger contact on the reins.  I ask Charlie to use his centre to turn her- by making small turns with his core and upper body he will be telling Auntie in a balanced way- the direction to turn. As a rider it we focus on turning from our arms- we tend to block our main trunk, core and balance which only gives mixed aids to the horse. 

You may notice how connected Auntie is to me- she likes to come right over to see me and I have ask Charlie to take charge!!!! and place her in the direction He would like her to go.

  You will notice Charlie relaxing into this new way of riding- not at first but you can see his progress in quite a short time. This relaxed connection is great for Charlie and very good for Auntie too as it builds mutual confidence-- I enjoyed this work very much-  thanks to Charlie!!

Click the image below to play the video...

Charlie and Auntie - riding progression

Ridden - Red and Jenny


Exercise poles

The work in hand exercises around the square have proved to be helpful so in future videos we will help you to progress through your Classical training with focus and calmness. Here we begin ridden exercises to gain more synchrony on the path towards more balance and collection. I am trying to keep Red steady but he does like to 'get going' being rather impatient  and high energy- which actually I love !

We try to gain  cadence when the walk has sufficient energy- BUT without rushing forward.   Here you will see I try to steady him if he rushes with a deeper inhalation - so he tunes in with my controlled breathing- we can learn to synchronise. If I feel his high energy building I will ride forwards into a trot around the poles maybe more collected or  more relaxed and deep. I try to keep Red softened into each new inside bend  as we ring the changes of direction.

Click the image below to play the video...

Ridden Red and Jenny

Jane and Willy - Ridden Work

This initial lesson with Jane is to establish the more subtle connection- a focus on breathing-  and the core and balance to instigate changes.

I ask Jane to soften through her arms- relaxed shoulders- weighted elbows - and relaxed soft forearms.  the feeling is like floating on water-  soft wrists and hands- All of us are driven each day by using our hands to enpower us.  Then we sit on the horse and can stay with this hand dominant feel.  Through conscious body awareness (my Top to Toe) and deeper breathing we can make positive changes.

It takes time for our body to re learn these skills- so here we go for the softness- for horse and rider--- there will be more videos to follow with Jane --

Click the image below to play the video...

Jane Ridden Work video poster web

Jane and Willy - Introduction


Just a chat here,  as I speak with Jane as she introduces her Spanish Gelding Willy.   Jane has much experience in Classical Training and she is a Trainer herself -   always willing to open more doors for learning-- I believe all of us who teach-  need to stay within this evolving process for learning- and personal growth.    The first ridden video is here this month too,  with more to come  with Jane and Willy-

Click the image below to play the video...

Jane and willy introduction

Lateral Exercises in Walk with Spooky Corners    

Here Sarah  plays with some lateral work in walk. Cazique is still very high energy  but these are her first minutes working in the bitless bridle and introducing lateral work--   We could have prepared Cazique more fully for the shoulder in by asking him for more engagement as he walked around the  school-  but this may have increased him tension so this was light and easy for him. As Sarah comes across the diagonal there are some strides of shoulder in- but because of lack of control of the quarters he walks into more of a leg yield-    then Sarah bring his quarters around and quietly moves into a feel of half pass-  which works well-- as nether Sarah or Cazique  were anticipating-- ' oh this could be more tricky'  but quietly walked laterally into the movement- .  So here it does not have to be all accurate but just early signals of direction.       Then Cazique spooks - the proof of his high energy and stress levels!!   then he does have his head up a little and look a little hollow.  This video shows how quiet empathic riding  which Sarah shows as she sighs - relaxes- and  releases her own tension- will have a profound impact on the horse-- then they can both begin again- new movements-  new beginnings-  prepared to relax and release in between-  each session needs to be short-  with concentration- then time for relaxation with a thinking rider---

Click the image below to play the video

Lateral Exercises in Walk with Spooky Corners

Building a sensitive connection with the seat

first ride with Gentil bitless bridle

In this video we quietly introduce Cazique to the Gentil bitless bridle. Sara spends some time tuning into her Top to Toe awareness.

She just quietly asks for a connection - initially from her balance , seat and breathing and then gaining a little more contact within transitions. The deeper inward breath is the first aid to come down to a walk and then once in walk- allowing the hips to swing in the tempo- to steady then slow the rhythm within the hips and slow the breathing.

Cazique has very high energy and huge sensitivity so Sara tries to engage his steady work ethos and willingness to listen without becoming confrontational. This takes time and much patience-

When Cazique begins to blow and release down through his nostrils this is the sign he is releasing excess tension. We then know he is in a better zone to listen.

This is the first ride with the Gentil bridle but the principles of listening remain the same- steady building blocks-- keeping the bond within the relationship.

Click the image below to play the video

Sara Cazique sensitive connection bitless bridle

Building a sensitive connection with the seat

Introducing first shoulder in with Gentil bitless bridle

Sara and Cazique are still both getting used to the feel of the bitless bridle. Here we talk about Cazique, he prefers to throw out his quarters, rather like a banana so the purpose of these exercises is to help Cazique become more symmetrical and supple. We work towards more equal movement and engagement from the hind limbs.

Cazique can quickly become stressed when things change so we keep it calm and quiet and slowly build his confidence within the movements.

Sara is riding so well to keep the lightness as Cazique resists strong aids- yet she needs to keep his connection and attention- this is a fine balance which she achieves so well

Click the image below to play the video

Sara Cazique sensitive connection bitless part 2



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