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Cody - Jenny's Diary

This month in the members club there are the first 3 video in a series following the progression of Cody, a stallion who has lost trust and security with the world around him. On this page you will find my personal diary following Cody's story.

Cody arrived having travelled over six hours in the box - having also been sedated before his journey.

He has a Spanish type but my eye for muscle and energy told me that he was very fearful  about life-  suspecting the worst scenario – yes, life was threatening for him. He had no muscle but looked well fed with good feet and had been well cared for - but as yet he had not found a deep secure connection with his life.

Fran who sent Cody to me, is very kind but she is feeling overwhelmed as Cody had suffered much trauma in his life.

She had been told that Cody was backed in a narrow space where he immediately erupted.

They used various gadgets to tie him down but he has now become extremely anxious- he is protective and expecting the  worst things to happen with people and anything which is changing in his life.

He will bite and will be extremely guarded with people and will suddenly erupt.

The owner is recovering from trauma and injury having sustained a collar bone fracture recently as he had bolted and just took off with her.

Fran has enjoyed some hacking out with him but always felt he was unpredictable- on the edge, and really not safe.   She had done some ground work with him but somehow not achieved a true bond of trust. He is has problems being tacked up and also with mounting.

He hates the bit and shows extreme tension so she had bought a bitless bridle from me-  but that is something for later.


 I have taken him into the school a few times- each time he connected from my breathing only- he preferred no whip- just my body language and energy. 

When I stood after playing with him- I opened my heart- my arms and hands- and my fingers, which tingled like sparklers, tingling with prickly energy from him- I FELT HUGELY HIS depth of emotion.

He jumped at every movement or sound- he expected the worst!

Today after gaining a great connection I just stood with him.  I lowered my stance and stood and sighed and allowed him to nuzzle my head- I did not think he would bite me- I believe his anxiety creates his biting.

I noticed later that he was so curious looking in the mirror-  I don’t feel he knows who he is-  maybe a horse???   Or a spirit locked up within a body of fear.

His message to me was this: ‘

I don’t need backing or training- I am not ready  but I need a friend- I need to feel confident-  I need TIME to feel a part of the universe- secure along with nature- feeling that life is good.   I have no male energy - (in fact Maestu was quite confused about his energy!!) He has called to him all day!!



In his past Cody has suffered huge trauma and has connected with far too much aggressive energy.

 Thankfully Fran has asked me to try and help her find a deeper more trusting bond with him. In this way I can help them both come together within a deeper connection of security and peace.

 Our barefoot farrier Clive came in and I held Cody lightly as he worked around his feet with no problems at all.

 We were all laughing and giving a light coherent energy field around us- this helps the horse feel much more secure than an uptight closed stilted energy field.

 Clive trimmed his feet which currently are upright causing tightness and lack of motion through the pastern, right up through the leg.  This in turn restricts the motion through the shoulder- so we expect Cody to open up with his movement over time, as he feels more comfortable and also more relaxed.

I like gain a truly coherent response from the horse before engaging in any further training- whether on the lunge - or under saddle.

 The relationship of trust is paramount- and can take TIME and more TIME to ask- time to give- time to learn – just our precious gift of TIME to offer the horse- no agenda- no quick fix- no trying to gain solutions- just getting acquainted -- just friendship---the greatest gift from where all things can follow --------


   Gradually over the days Cody has responded with more willingness to interact when I have sent across more upbeat fun energy. At first he only wanted to feel the soft vibes of subtle breath energy but I can now send over more upbeat vibes and he is willing to join in.  For instance today I upped my vibe and he snorted then bucked and struck out with his front leg.  I felt he was saying, ‘I’m ready for a game’

His eyes are softer and his whole body seems to be more flowing within his movement. 

Also He now comes to the gate of the field as I don’t go in to ‘catch’ him but today he banged on the gate to say he was ready for his tea!

CODY is now voicing some of HIS opinions on life now.  I have been just talking, breathing, guiding and asking and waiting. Now there is a mind opening a door to me as slowly he can gain the confidence to dig more deeply.

Cody still jumps at every noise or sudden movement but he shows much less reaction and more curiosity when we approach him now.

Today I decided to try and put him on a lunge but he has seemed much happier with no connection other than our energy fields and some space.

I attached the lunge line to his head collar- not my favoured way to lunge BUT I did not want to push his boundaries by introducing a cavesson as yet.

First Cody sped around me in a circle but his inner ear was on me. I imagined the lunge line was not there and circled him around as if at liberty from my breath-energy and body language.

Ahh, this was familiar for him and he quickly steadied and mirrored his loose work on the circle.

He came to halt and I gave a deep sigh. I walked quietly to him and removed the lunge line. Just for a few minutes he coped well with something new with me showing me trust.

I showed him gratitude by offering him back his freedom.

What would he do?

I then began to loose work again and immediately he responded looking I felt pleased with himself.

He had opened another door for communication.

CODY is showing me so much and I am trying to adapt to him as I am aware of every motion, each reaction, in every second. It is very focused and concentrated but we are learning about each other- the journey is progressing- with no goals- no agenda- just what my intuition reveals on the day.


 Quite a milestone today as I worked and played with CODY in the school- and for the first time he followed me all around the school- to the door.  I felt he really was offering trust to me and if I put out a hand to his nose, neck or face, that was fine with him. He stands close by me and does not attempt to nip or bite or move away but he just seems content- to BE.

This is what I have been waiting for – signs that he is feeling happier in his own skin.

All this took place after we threw some questions at each other during the loose work.

For instance he prefers to work on the right rein and today I was more insistent for him to circle left.

He did several times spin around to the right but I let him spin round then quietly asked him to re connect and move left.

After a while he seemed to gain confidence on the left rein and trotted and cantered loose- to the left.

I then asked for a halt from my deep inhalation. I then took a deep sigh, relaxing my energy to ground. He sighs often now and even today in canter he released and blew.

I also noticed his tail come up and his back began to swing after a couple of bucks in canter. This is all great for release – if in fun and not fear!

Also he was cantering around and went too close to some poles which clattered down and upset him. Now a while ago that would have caused huge anxiety but today he sped around then calmed.

I told him that it is OK for things to happen around him because they will not cause him harm. He can still stay in his happy bubble!!


Cody is so much more settled now- I feel he would be confident to move on a little.  In loose work he has a huge preference for the right circle and at first when I move him to the left he resists and swirls around.

Patiently I ask for the left rein and if I feel he is growing tense- I allow him to return to the right rein- his comfort zone.

After we both stand quietly I then return to this ‘game’  as  he begins to walk with me on the left rein- I have no whip but really connect deeply with breath –energy – I feel the exchange deeply.

Then I ask for trot and he stays on the left circle I really dig deep for a highly charged connection and feel the flow of energy.  Its like invisible waves and putting your hand in the water feeling the light trickle of shallow water then the heavier feel within deeper water – and splashing it to and fro.

This connection worked well.  So well that he then followed me everywhere- looking calm and happy- such changes now in his facial expression and his eyes- so lovely to see.

I would like to begin lungeing him but I know he has bolted on the lunge so the timing for this, is the essence.

He needs to feel confident at liberty on both the right and left rein so he tunes into my body language and breath-energy equally.

Once we have achieved this I can then begin to lunge him offering the same connections but just adding the lunge line.

We are creating a deeper bond between us and its important to make good decisions for him to stay secure and happy.


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