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Members Content May 2018

This month we  have three new videos for you-    the video footage with my new stallion Brav- will begin next month  as I want to include full written details about the thought process behind  his training here.

This month  we continue with    Zoe and Jack   - first session on the lunge

   His first session here with me, was at liberty where I tried to ensure Jack became more calm and self assured within the school.

Here on the lunge, Zoe is trying to gain the connection from her breathing which will offer more security to both of them- during training.    We begin with a relaxed walk which is a great start-    but we know once in trot the tension might creep back  in. 

    We can see Jack is connected with her outward breath up into trot-  but because he is still carrying some stress- he is slow to respond to her inward breath to steady and come down to walk. I ask Zoe to close her fingers and use her arms and hands to support the influence to steady and slow from her inward breath. 

These communications need to be built slowly- with patience - if we show frustration it will offer a prickly tense energy to the horse-  Imagine walking into a room where a couple have been arguing - you can feel the vibes in the air!-   so we need to stay light hearted and ask-  and wait - and then quietly ask again.  With repetition  Jack will respond with more understanding- but  we have to offer him this time---

The second  video is       Lateral Exercises in Walk with Spooky Corners

Here Sara  plays with some lateral work in walk.   Cazique is still very high energy  but these are her first minutes working in the bitless bridle and introducing lateral work--  

Then we see Cazique spooking -  the proof of his high energy and stress levels!!  But this video demonstrates how Sara with self awareness and quiet confidence  shows the value of empathic riding .  Sara just sighs - relaxes- and  releases her own tension- - then they can both begin again- new movements-  new beginnings-  prepared to relax and release in between-  each session needs to be short-  with concentration- then time for relaxation with a thinking rider-

The third video shows Sarah with my stallion Red   -  Relaxed, Calm and Responsive Horse on the Lunge

Initially Sarah tunes him in to listen to her breathing-  this is also how I like to connect with the horse when I first sit in the saddle.   

When we lunge I prefer not to only use small circles but work up the long side - and vary the size of the circles and introduce squares.  I imagine I am sitting on the horse creating patterns and exercises  within the school.

When we ask the horse to relax into  a lower head and neck posture- we can help him by lowering our energy- relaxing through our shoulders, lowering our head and neck  and relaxing through our arms- and even softening the fingers holding the whip---

We ASK the horse- we dont FORCE--  we try to make it an ASK--- SHALL WE?   together  ??  this builds a deeper bond between us.


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