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Members Content April 2018

Welcome to our Club Naturally Classical. This month there are three new videos -  

The first is showing my first meeting with Jack.  We have added  the introduction from Zoe about Jack's previous history , and the past trauma which has created such  erratic behaviour.

Every student and horse who comes here begin with the loose work- the connection so I can build a picture of emotions- responses and how to move forward within the relationship.  The principles of training are important but the relationship is paramount.

The following two videos show Sara Mc Kay Mead with her Spanish gelding Cazique- the first ride in the Gentil Bitless bridle. She shows how tactful she has to be with him-  nothing too strong, keeping the fine balance with him.

Riding is not so much about the aids you apply but how you apply them. How little can you ask  to gain a response. Sometimes too much quickly gains more anxiety and stress.  Then we move into shoulder in and small circles as we begin the Classical exercises to create more obedience-  suppleness and more collection.

I hope you enjoy these videos and we have much more coming soon with the arrival of my new stallion- we will show early connection with him.

Please contact me with any questions or aspects of training which you would like to see us cover here

Video 1

In this video JENNY MEETS WITH  JACK –  our first time at liberty

You will have read Zoes’ account about Jack and his past and present behaviour and trauma.

I decide not to create pressure but rather ASK for a little, wait a while and ask for a little more.

I try to engage with his  emotions and   surrounding energy field –

After a while I visualise cutting the chord of connection between us.

I just stand relaxed  and grounded – with soft eyes-- focused on my own energy release- I don’t stay with Jack in my mind at all.  Its all about ME! 

This is an emotional journey for Jack and also for me aas I feel his emotional release--- 

Video 2

In this video  we quietly introduce Cazique to the Gentil bitless bridle. Sara spends some time tuning into her Top to Toe awareness.

She just calmly asks for a connection  - initially from her balance , seat and breathing  and then gaining a little more contact within transitions.  The deeper inward breath is the first aid  to come down to a walk and then once in walk- allowing the hips to swing in the tempo- to steady then slow the rhythm within the hips and slow  the breathing.

Video 3

Sara is riding Cazique who is getting used to the feel of a bitless bridle. So we can begin to ask a little more-   we introduce shoulder in and small circles- we can begin to progress his training- whilst staying with his calm attentive energy.     


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