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Members Content March 2018

Welcome to our Club Naturally Classical. This month there are three new videos -  and contact me with any questions or aspects of training which you would like to see us cover here-- 

Relaxed Walk with Flexion Exercise

In this video Kate introduces some inside flexion exercises.  This is still very early days for Topper an ex racehorse so we will be 'asking' but then releasing so we do not get a build up of excess pressure with him. It's important to release the tension between exercises with a forward trot up the long side or relaxed walk on a long rein. It is best not to concentrate on one exercise continuously which may then be detrimental to the previous work.

The yielding offers more of a 'through'connection  as the hind leg engages. When you see Toppers head come up-   He is responding to Kate.    As a rider she is also concentrating hard on these exercises and without knowing it- tightness can build up through the arms and shoulders- once Kate becomes more aware of this- she releases through the shoulders-  Topper lowers his head and relaxes- naturally without being FORCED!!    this is so important for us to understand how much we influence the horse.


Here I am working with  Judi's lovely mare BIBI-  we are demonstrating working in  hand around a square of poles.   I have developed this exercise to help create a boundary  between horse and handler - which particularly when teaching work in hand initially- can be quite helpful.  I first ask the horse to walk forwards- so ensure you allow sufficient space for the inside shoulder to move forward then across. In this way we can help to mobilise the shoulder and it doesnt become stilted.  The walk needs to be steady to allow time for the steady lateral movement.

The work in hand  should only be executed for a few minutes and then bring back to halt  regularly and take a deep relaxing sigh.  Some horse can feel stress at such close proximity-   and you can use a short whip to guide the hind limbs-  I use my body language and energy from my core- directed towards the horse.

  There are articles here  on the web site   -- for more information on work in hand. 


Here we have BIBI again working in hand around the poles. I usually begin by using the cavesson but sometimes tension can build with the close proximity between the handler  and the horse.  I then check out the connection by removing the rope from the cavesson.  The horse is then free- does he want to stay with me- to stand - or maybe walk away  or is he happy to continue the exercise - so take a look at Bibi and hopefully you will see the security between us - I feel safe- as my space is not invaded and she is content to move around me - listening and responding. Soon I will video Red to show a slightly different picture as a more assertive stallion shows his nature - in work in hand--



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