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Members Content  January 2018

Welcome to our Club Naturally Classical. This month there are three new videos plus an introduction to show more of the connection in loose work. 

When students arrive for training I usually begin by connecting in the loose work. When the horse has his freedom I can see how much he wants to connect with me. There is so much to learn about each horse through loose work-  is he high energy?, is he responsive?, how quickly does he respond to our breathing?.

 You will notice in the video with Cazique that he is mega sensitive to my energy so I need to be really sensitive with him.  These observations can tell us so much about how we will offer our aids when we are riding. Also the horse has this opportunity with no restriction,  to show how connected he would like to be,  with us.

 This is the beginning of a conversation- which can be carried through all the ground work and riding- a conversation where we feel safe in our space and the horse is wanting to join with us. 

For me this is the most important element of training- to keep with the trust we build during our conversations and communications.

If you have any questions or requests for future Training Videos , just send me a PM on facebook or contact me through the web site.

We are planning a  HOLISTIC EVENT for 17th MARCH--    so I will be putting more details here soon and also in the Naturally Classical Group on Facebook. 

 I do offer individual coaching  and of course  articles -  books- workshops  ---  So take a deep breath---- and enjoy   ---  Jenny


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