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Members Content December 2017

Welcome to our Club Naturally Classical. This month I have focused on videos to help you gain more self awareness. Strangely when we talk about training and working with horses, the most important aspect is to work on our selves. In this way we gain more self mastery, we are more connected and in tune with our thoughts and emotions. In this way we have a much more positive influence with the horse.   So these first videos will help you to gain this deeper connection so you are well prepared to share your coherent energy with your horse.  

I have included a little loose work too- and in following months we will delve more deeply into loose work - and all aspects of ground work to help connection and also guide the horse to move in natural balance and carriage. So I hope you enjoy these introductory videos- and the journey of breath-heart-energy will continue through the following months. I do offer individual coaching  and of course  articles - books- workshops  ---  So take a deep breath---- and enjoy   ---  Jenny


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