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Want More Video?

JOIN For approximately 90 videos - £8 pm (no contract) – LOOSE WORK, LUNGEING, WORK IN HAND and CLASSICAL RIDING


Become a member

I have launched this opportunity  to join  CLUB NATURALLY CLASSICAL to offer a totally new range of visual teaching with our MONTHLY TRAINING VIDEOS offering our  HOME from HOME experience

If you come to me for Training we would begin with a demonstration of loose work showing the depth of connection through breath-heart-energy.

We would then talk about the horse - his natural language, his sensitivity to surrounding energy fields and how we can tune in to synchronise at this deeper level whether from the ground or once in the saddle.

Join Now

CLUB NATURALLY CLASSICAL can offer you an opportunity to see me working with my stallions through an ongoing series of TRAINING VIDEOS.

This will be a progressive journey offering much explanation for your personal empowerment so you too, can begin a new journey with me, to transform the relationship with your horse.

The training will focus not only on the horse but very much on building more self awareness. In this way you can have a maximum positive influence with your horse to fulfil his need of security and calmness whilst gaining his deep trust, joy and love.

I am supporting these videos, which will be updated each month, by adding a WIDE SELECTION OF ARTICLES which include a range of subjects such as:

The subtle connection of breath-heart energy, loose work, lungeing, work in hand

Classical training under saddle, from very early and basic training towards lateral exercises and more

Advanced Classical riding in COLLECTION - NATURALLY

An exclusive offer to members only, 10% DISCOUNT ON WORKSHOP,  CLINICS, BOOKS, GENTIL BITLESS BRIDLE

Join Now

I also offer members, PERSONAL VIDEO COACHING – so please contact me for more details

This will become YOUR club - where I will show our horses and training and also my students - we can help you understand more about breath - heart -energy and its convincing power to transform - within Classical Training- as revealed to me, by my iconic Spanish stallion DELFIN

From the ground this depth of awareness offers herd language communication between human and horse.

For the rider it offers:

  • more synchrony in balance and movement
  • the ability to teach the horse to listen
  • to harmonize with your breathing
  • no more strong aids!!
  • no gadgets- only more relaxed and empathic riding , built upon a true foundation of mutual love fun and trust.



Online Workshops, Video and More...

Become a member of the Naturally Classical online community to enjoy regularly updated online workshops, videos as well as hints and tips from Jenny Rolfe on developing your own Breath, Heart Energy techniques for your riding.

Flexible monthly membership

Monthly membership offers a flexible way to enjoy regularly updated content by Jenny Rolfe.

Join as a monthly member with a recurring monthly subscription.

Duration: Monthly (cancel anytime)

Price: £8

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