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Learn more about the Gentil Bitless Bridles, handcrafted by a master saddler from the finest quality English leather.


The 'Gentil' Bitless Bridle - 4 Week Trial


Opportunity to Trial a Gentil Bitless Bridle for 4 weeks!

To trial a GENTIL bridle from us, you would pay £80 plus £15 for recorded delivery in the UK or £25 worldwide then you have up to 4  weeks to trial.

When the bridle is returned we will fully refund the £80 – if the bridle is in good condition or deduct it from the price of your own Hand Crafted Gentil or Gentil Ultra Bitless bridle.

YOUR NEW BRIDLE will be individually fitted as we can make any adjustments required based on the experience of trial.

Priced Per Order

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