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Meet Charlie with Auntie

I thought this would be an interesting introduction to Charlie Avent.    He has autism and enjoys building a good relationship with his horses, as he explains here.

We have known Charlie over years and he came here for a few days for some training with his mare Auntie.

Charlie expresses his thoughts so well and whilst teaching Charlie I had to be mindful of not putting him on too much information overload!!

This happens to all of us at times- the trainer tries to makes changes for the rider but sometimes it can become all too much-

Excuse the background noise as it was a windy day but I hope you can hear Charlie well enough here.   Jenny


Click the image below to play the video...

Meet Charlie and Auntie

Teaching Auntie To Connect With Breath Energy

Here I meet with Auntie and I want to connect with her with more focus on breathing. I did not want to loose work with her and I felt it might take her from her comfort zone and make her too energised for Charlie.

So I began with lungeing. Now these methods are good for the young horse as you will see Sarh lungeing with her body language and breathing and supporting with a lowered whip (no connecting with Auntie)  which she may use to encourage more energy. I walk around the outside with Auntie to show her the direction of the circle.   Slowly the idea is that I support her less- initially I hold a rope connected to the cavesson but when I feel she is more understanding of Sarah then I unclip the rope and just walk along side. Soon she will learn to circle with the connection with Sarah,  We need to establish this on both reins as horses often respond differently from one rein to another.   She does turn in instead of staying on the circle - when Sarah asks for halt - but for me that is OK- as she was listening and trying her best.  She is a delightful sensitive  mare with so much sweetness- we want to encourage this ease within her training here.

Click the image below to play the video...

Charlie introducing breath energy poster

Zoe and Jack Lungeing Part 1

The first session here was at liberty where I tried to ensure Jack became more calm and self assured within the school. Initially Zoe is trying to gain the connection from her breathing which will offer more security to both of them- during training.    We begin with a relaxed walk which is a great start-    but we know once in trot the tension might creep back  in.     We can see Jack is connected with her outward breath up into trot-  but because he is still carrying some stress- he is slow to respond to her inward breath to steady and come down to walk. I ask Zoe to close her fingers and use her arms and hands to support the influence to steady and slow from her inward breath. 

Tension closes the mind- for both humans and horses- but when the mind becomes more relaxed it is open to both suggestion and connection-- 

These communications need to be built slowly- with patience - if we show frustration it will offer a prickly tense energy to the horse-  Imagine walking into a room where a couple have been arguing - you can feel the vibes in the air!-   so we need to stay light hearted and ask-  and wait - and then quietly ask again.  With repetition  Jack will respond with more understanding- but  we have to offer him this time---

Click the image below to play the video

Zoe and Jack lungeing part 1


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