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Special Interactive Event
Discover subtle communication through concious breathing
Saturday 28th April 2018

We Live In A Very Busy World

We live in an era where the natural forces of our planet earth such as the wind and the waves, are being harnessed to produce much needed energy. This will create power for the future as our modern lifestyle is rapidly destroying the natural resources of our planet.

All life is energy and if we become more aware of how our personal energy can be used to connect with the horse, a much deeper empathy can be built over a period of time. Much of our present day teaching relates to technical knowledge but my experience, working daily with my stallions, has taught me the significance of a further dimension. The power of breathing and energy exchange remains almost unexplored, between people and horses. This dimension offers a future of revelation for the student who becomes conscious of personal breathing patterns and energy. When we are fully aware of our thoughts, body language and breathing we can communicate with the horse in a most profound way, connecting with his world. Our busy, over active thoughts can become more tranquil as we connect with the ‘here and now’ and allow our mind just to stay in the present moment. In this way we learn the personal power of just feeling, being and allowing. We can let go of our more stressful thoughts of achieving, perfecting and the demanding expectations of our normal life style.


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