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Special Interactive Event
Discover subtle communication through concious breathing
Saturday 28th April 2018

Connecting with the horse

Jenny is known as a ‘Natural Classicist’ using unique techniques of breathing and body language to connect with the horse:

‘ less very quickly becomes more’

Learn how to connect with your horse - from the ground

During Jenny’s clinic’s her stallions become your teachers, as they connect with you by listening to your breathing and body language – their language of the herd.

Learn how to become the respected herd leader and how this relationship can be enhanced through work on the ground. These techniques of training can be used in loose work, lungeing and working in hand.

In this way we can teach the horse to become a confident athlete and the importance of gaining his friendship, trust and respect on the journey.

The horse should learn to move forward with energy and joy. When he can accept our leadership he will demonstrate a willing submission – from his MIND. He will look energetic, swinging through his back with a relaxed and lowered head and neck carriage. In this way we can prepare a horse more naturally, for further ridden work. This way of working will also enhance our relationship - this is our journey to learn the 'ART OF COMMUNICATION’

It is fundamental to become self aware with focused energy to communicate with the horse. We need to feel CALM yet ASSERTIVE and direct this feeling towards the horse.

He will become our mirror – the MIRROR OF OUR MIND


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