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Special Interactive Event
Discover subtle communication through concious breathing
Saturday 28th April 2018


Over many years I have been fascinated to see the potent effect of our breathing upon the mind of the horse. Each day working with different horses I find a connection with the horse where he seems to feel secure and comfortable. As the horse really begins to connect with my breathing I sense his focus and attention are more directed towards me which brings the relationship together.

My stallions have taught me the power of this subtle energy but I have also spent time reading books to enlighten me as to why and how these techniques gain such profound results.

I have learnt that our thoughts and emotions influence the energy signals from our heart, which can actually be felt several feet away. The expressions, ‘good vibes’ and ‘bad vibes’ are a result of receiving energy signals which mirror the emotions of a person.

We are all capable of receiving and transmitting subtle energy exchange which can occur between all living beings. I believe horses are very highly tuned to receiving such signals which could in fact save their life in a natural environment. The fear and flight instinct is based upon these signals together with a keen awareness of body language in the herd.

The horse will respond immediately to any variation within their energy field as they are highly sensitive to any change, however subtle. This explains why the awareness of our breathing to connect with the horses, can gain such amazing results.

Awareness of changes in breathing and emotions IS the language of the herd. I have heard people say that horses do not experience emotions yet they are motivated by fear and flight. Fear is a deep emotion.


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